Astrophotography Facebook Contest





• Astrophoto Contest
• Effective Dates: Nov. 28th, 2011 – Jan. 5th, 2012   PACIFIC STANDARD TIME


1. Each applicant are allowed maximum ONLY one submission of Astrophoto of their choice of astrophoto taken in the year between 2010 to 2012, in either/or both categories (Deep Space & Planet) posted on facebook
2. Each Astrophoto submitted must include the photographer’s authentic name, location & date of image taken, name of object, image title, category of photo (Deep Space or Planet), equipment used, and email address associated with the facebook account
3. The winner of each category will be determined based on the number of “Like” on his/her photo. Thus, the more the merrier.
4. Please upload your astrophoto under the EVENT
of "Astrophotography Contest - Deep Space & Planet" on Sky-Watcher Facebook Page


1. Guidescope Mount
2. SynGuider

Good LUCK Everyone!!