BK P13065EQ2
Product Features
  • Diameter: 130mm

  • Focal Length: 650mm

  • F/ratio: f/5

  • Diffraction-limited secondary mirror support

  • Paraboloidal (parabolic) primary mirror

  • Red Dot Finder for easy locating of celestial objects

  • 130mm primary mirror collects 30% more light than 114mm, revealing more space treasures with better resolution and brighter image.

  • Smooth rack-and-pinion focuser 

  • Short focal length design, ideal for astrophotography.

Optical Design Newtonian Reflector(Parabolic) 
Optical Diameter 130mm 
Focal Length 650mm 
F/Ratio F/5 
Secondary Mirror Diameter 34.5mm 
Highest Practical Power 260x 
Faintest Steller Magnitude 13.3 
Finder Scope Red Dot Finder* 
Focuser Diameter Rack and Pinion Focuser (1.25”) 
Eyepieces 1.25" Super 20 and 10* 
Tube Weight 3.66Kgs 
Tube Dimensions 16cm x 61.5cm 
Shipping Weight 22 Kgs 
Shipping Dimensions 108x51x30 cm3