Astrophotography Chapter 8

What sorts of images can you expect to get with SkyWatcher equipment? Well, we can’t really answer that directly because a lot of human factors go into the making of an exceptional astrophoto. But what we can do is show you results that our customers are submitting, and leave you with the following thought: If they can do it, why not you?


Lotus by David Shen, Canada. Taken with SK1025AZ3.

Sun Spots by Peter Roth, Canada. Taken with SK909EQ2.

Moon photo by Bruno Nolf, Belgium. Taken with Sky-Watcher 150mm reflector.

Orion Nebula by , Canada. Taken with SK1025.

Saturn photo by Riccardo Cosenza, Italy. Taken with Sky-Watcher 130mm reflector on EQ5 mount.

Total Lunar Eclipse Sequence photo by Francisco A. Rodríguez Ramírez, South Africa. Taken with SK1025AZ3.