Nuke \'Em Asteroids



Whoever used the excuse “this only happens in the movies” obviously lives at a different age and time!!  In the world that we live in today, technology develops faster than we can pronounce the word itself.  We have not even had enough time to play around with our first iPad and the third version has already been launched.  Do you all remember the movie “Armageddon”, staring, Bruce Willis, Ben Aflict, Billy Bob Thornton, and the lovely Liv Tyler??  Yes, it was a Sci-Fi and, yes, it was awesome!!  Well, according to the scientists at Los Almos National Laboratory, a United States Department of Energy facility in New Mexico, “Armageddon” will probably become one of the methods to eliminate unwelcomed asteroids.  The scientists at the laboratory used 32,000 processors of the Cielo supercomputer and modeled a 3-D version of how it would turn out.  Please read the full article HERE!!~~