Space & Astronomy App Challenge from NASA



Hi fellow members of the Sky-Watcher family!!  Is there any of you that does not use a Smart-Phone, but thinking about getting one?!  Well, it’s almost time to get with the program.  According to NASA, “governments around the world and civil society organizations will co-host the International Apps Challenge on April 21-22 with events across seven continents and in space”. (NASA)  This event will allow competitors from around the world to use the information & data that have been gathered and collected by space agencies around the world, thus create an opportunity to invent innovative solutions.  All challengers “will be free to develop mobile apps, software and hardware, data visualization, and platform solutions”, which could all be used to improve issues related to space and Earth.  This event is also part of the U.S. National Action Plan that is targeted to enhance Open Government Partnership.  So, toss away the phone that could barely be used for text messaging and grab one that could possibly become your next best friend on a dark-dark night. 


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