Aldergrove Star Party

10-17-2012 | Community

Terra Nova Star Gazing Night

08-03-2012 | Community

Lift and Learn Contest Winner

05-29-2012 | Community

Tom Johnson

03-20-2012 | Community


02-24-2012 | Community

Contribution for Education

11-22-2011 | Community

DIY Trolley for Dob 12\" SynScan

11-07-2011 | Community
Check out this very cool video made by Anders Törnqvist! He has made a DIY trolley...

Congratulations to David DeVries

10-31-2011 | Community
Sky-Watcher has been a proud sponsor of Photo of the Week Contest since 2010. We want to congratulate David on winning the “Best Digital-Camera Photo/ Lunar and Planetary” category ...

Meet Kathryn Gray, 10 year old girl who discovered a supernova!!

10-21-2011 | Community
Do you know who Kathryn Gray is? Who doesn’t? She is the youngest girl ever to discover a supernova, at a mere age of ten! (I cannot remember even remember what I was doing at the age of ten.)

Perspectives on Light Pollution

09-28-2011 | Community