Manual: SynScan App Protocol

A command set for third party software to control SynScan app or SynScan Pro app. This document is formerly known as "SynScanMobile Command Set"
Download   Size: 100KB  |  02-09-2023  |  Application Development

Manual: Sky-Watcher Motor Controller Command Set

A brief description of motor controller command set used on Sky-Watcher's GOTO mount.
Download   Size: 788 KB  |  25-08-2021  |  Application Development

Manual: Synscan Serial Communication Protocol, Version 3.3

This document describes the serial commands of Sky-Watcher® SynScan™ hand control. This communication protocol applies to SynScan hand control with SynScan™ V3 firmware version 3.38 or SynScan™ V4 firmware version 4.38.06 or later.
Download   Size: 687KB  |  21-02-2018  |  Application Development

Manual: SynScan App iOS URL API v0.2

An API exposed by SynScan app that allows it to be controlled by another iOS app installed on the same phone. This API only supports go-to.
Download   Size: 128 KB  |  23-08-2021  |  Application Development

API Library: SynScanLink iOS v0.8.1s

A library for use by a client planetarium/photography app to control SynScan telescope mounts, through internal or external SynScan Wi-fi adapter. For iOS only. Package contains the library, demo app project, and developer manual.
Download   Size: 100 MB  |  16-01-2023  |  Application Development