Manual: SynScan Pro App - Command Set

This document provides information on how a third party software communicates with the SynScan app or SynScan Pro app.
Download   Size: 1029KB  |  21-11-2018  |  Application Development

Manual: Skywatcher Motor Controller Command Set

A brief description of motor controller command set used on Skywatcher's GOTO mount.
Download   Size: 788 KB  |  21-11-2018  |  Application Development

Manual: Synscan Serial Communication Protocol, Version 3.3

This document describes the serial commands of Sky-Watcher® SynScan™ hand control. This communication protocol applies to SynScan hand control with SynScan™ V3 firmware version 3.38 or SynScan™ V4 firmware version 4.38.06 or later.
Download   Size: 687KB  |  21-02-2018  |  Application Development

API Library: SynScanLink iOS v0.6.0s

A library for use by a client planetarium/photography app to control SynScan telescope mounts, through internal or external SynScan Wi-fi adapter. For iOS only. Package contains the library, demo app project, and developer manual.
Download   Size: 15 MB  |  26-08-2020  |  Application Development