Maksutov Cassegrains
Product Features

A comfortable start in astronomy

Unseen features in the beginners instrument series

- Precision 360° gearing on 2 axes.

- High quality clutch system.

- High stability (up to 3 kg instrument load).

- Lightweight (mount weight 1.2 kg).

- Optional tracking motor.

- Wide choice of telescope types.

Optical Design Maksutov-Cassegrains 
Optical Diameter 90mm 
Focal Length 1250mm 
F/Ratio F/14 
Highest Practical Power 180x 
Faintest Steller Magnitude 12.5 
Finder Scope Red Dot Finder* 
Focuser Diameter 1.25" 
Diagnol 1.25" 90 deg. diagonal* 
Eyepieces 1.25" Super 25 and 10* 
Tube Weight 1.37Kgs 
Tube Dimensions 10cm x 24cm