Esprit 120ED Review in SkyNews

  • “I’m pleased to report that the Esprit 120 really performed!” 

  • “I compared its performance with high-end Officina Stellare and Astro-Physics 105mm and 130mm Apos employing similar premium glass. Even at high magnification with a 3mm eyepiece, star images appeared just as sharp,aberration-free and colourless as the best.  I was Impressed.”

  • “it exhibited none of the aberration oddities I’ve seen in some test telescopes, effects created by cold temperatures pinching optics.”

  • “…the Esprit 120’s performance matches the best in the business at a competitive price…”

  • “Sky-Watcher’s Esprit refractors become very attractive options for anyone looking for the best.”

Alan Dyer of SkyNews has recently published a review on our Sky-Watcher Esprit 120ED Super APO Triplet.  In the March/ April 2012 issue, he writes, “With the field flattener, even when using a DSLR camera with a full frame (24mm x 36mm) sensor, star images were absolutely pinpoint corner to corner, free of any coma, astigmatism or lateral color dispersion. This matched or surpassed the effectiveness of other telescope/field flattener combinations I\'ve used. In short, the Esprit provided first-class optical performance visually and photographically.”

Sky-Watcher Esprit 120ED has performed beautifully compared with the other telescopes of its class, offering a competitive price for the utmost quality.  The three-inch focuser is exceptional as well.  “The focuser provides a generous 101 millimeters of travel, more than enough to accommodate every eyepiece I tried, from a 31mm Nagler to an 8mm Ethos, two eyepieces with extreme focus travel demands.” Without further ado, read the review for yourself here.

Review on SkyNews by Alan Dyer ( | review)